Relocation management

Corporate relocation is a daunting, costly and time consuming endeavor. If you’ve ever handled an office relocation or expansion, you know this first-hand. You probably also told yourself you would never do it again, without the help of an expert. Now, instead of trying to manage your business and your office move, FMC can do the work for you.
At FMC, we execute a seamless, turnkey solution for tenants requiring management assistance for office relocations, expansions and upgrades. Not to be confused with a “moving company”, FMC services goes beyond the basic and obvious items, and coordinates all facets of the move process.
Relocation services include:

  • Budget development and administration
  • Relocation project planning and timeline creation
  • Vendor review, selection and coordination
  • Specialty installation oversight
  • Building protection and security management
  • Equipment relocation coordination
  • Oversight of hazardous material handling
  • Cleaning and repair program management
  • Purge Management

FMC is dedicated to client needs until project completion; including post-occupancy review, resolution of vendor issues if necessary, providing a full review of relocation invoices and working through resolving remaining punch list items.